Best Postpartum Products in Malaysia

After delivering the baby, you will be thinking the struggle ends there, but honestly, there is where the chaos begins. You will have to take care of your baby while recovering your body, although it’s common for women to take …

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Business Studies

A course happens to be a program that use to have a number of commitments. Some students take a course to help them connect two phases of study, while others choose a course to obtain professional qualifications to help them …

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Adhesives for different types of work

Each individual construction process requires adhesives with different properties that are needed to interact with different materials, be it wallpaper, linoleum, parquet or wall panels. All building adhesives can be divided into several groups:

Parquet adhesives – when carrying out …

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The Beauty Of Anime Merchandise

What is Anime?

Anime refers to Japanese-style animations generally drawn by hand or on the computer. It features animated characters with big eyes, rich graphics, and a wide demographic range. Anime is actually taken from the word animation and has …

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Why You Should Scuba Dive in Tenggol

Tenggol Island is situated off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia. While this island is small, measuring just three by two kilometres (1.8 by 1.24 miles), it has a strong underwater personality. This island in the South China Sea has over …

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