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Best Postpartum Products in Malaysia

After delivering the baby, you will be thinking the struggle ends there, but honestly, there is where the chaos begins. You will have to take care of your baby while recovering your body, although it’s common for women to take a while to get used to that, you will also need to be prepared for your postpartum recovery. To be prepared for your postpartum recovery, you not only need to be mentally stable, but your body also needs certain adjusting too. Thus to proceed with the body adjust you need certain products that help you along the way. But what if the products are not good enough? Here is a list of things that are considered to be the best postpartum products in Malaysia.

Postpartum Numbing Spray : 

Women who had normal postpartum will be glad to have this spray because it helps to relieve pain and itching around the cuts and bruises and even extricate skin irritation especially if had tears.

Postpartum Cleaning Care :

Cleaning care is also given by hospitals, most of the time hospital cleaning care is difficult to handle, but if you are buying from the pharmacy, you will be getting the ones that are easier to hold while you are in the bathroom. You can hold it upside down and in whatever position that you are required to. Basically, you will be filling it with warm water and spurt it between your legs when you pee. It thins the urine so it doesn’t sting.

Absorbent Postpartum Pads :

Absorbent postpartum pads are long, wide, and way more absorbent than the usual pads. It is like a mini diaper but much better looking and well fitted. These pads also don’t leak and they keep you feeling dry and pleasant. You will have a fine and good recovery with it. Here is also a side tip, add aloe vera and witch hazel to the pads, wrap them and freeze it. Your own DIY cooling pads

Comfortable Nursing Bra :

During your postpartum recovery, your breast will be going through a lot of changes in terms of size. You will be needing a bra that comforts your breast and put back to its shape. Usually, the nursing bra is elastic, soft, easy to remove the cups, comfy, and has many designs. Nursing bras also come in any size, from small to plus size.

Postpartum Belly Wrap :

Your belly will be loose or wobbly after your pregnancy. Belly wrap offers many benefits, after giving birth or during your pregnancy, your muscles discharge lots of relaxing hormones and you will still be having it during your postpartum recovery. Belly wrap uses that advantage of the muscles and constrains your belly back to its previous shape. It will also give your belly, waist, and hips a secure and comfy feeling. For women that had c-section, this will be working on you as well.

Postpartum Soothing Remedies: 

During your postpartum is also the time you are going to be breastfeeding. Too much breastfeeding sores your nipple and aches your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. So you need a cream to soothe your skin and muscles. You can use nipple creams for your nipple, you can get the best nipple cream in pharmacies. It will calm and relieve the soreness, and for your muscles, you can use a nursing pillow while you breastfeed your baby, so your muscles won’t strain and cause any more pain during your postpartum recovery.

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