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Best Puchong Jaya house for sale in the Right Format

Design finishing is carried out in special bureaus according to an individual is drawn up the project. It takes into account the features of the layout, the wishes of the owner, the budget and many other conditions. No noise, no dust you just have to choose which apartment option suits you, the rest will be done by experienced specialists. For Puchong Jaya house for sale or a Puchong condo you can expect the best

Location of the apartment controversial points

There is no definite answer to the question of how to choose an apartment by location, it all depends on your personal preferences and requests. But to make it easier for you to navigate, let’s figure out together where it will be comfortable to live, and where it is definitely not worth buying.

The following location of the apartment is considered unsuccessful:

  • next to lifts and stairs;
  • on the first and last floors;
  • corner options;
  • with windows overlooking the neighboring houses.

Apartments on the lower floors are considered the noisiest and can be easily viewed from the street, but the tallest housing under the roof can be inconvenient the roof gets very hot in summer, and there is a risk of leaks during the rainy season. Have you decided to choose a corner apartment? It is quite possible that it will be cool in winter. If the windows in your house are facing the front of the nearest house, it is likely that not enough light will enter the rooms.

On which floor to buy an apartment

Modern high-rise buildings often reach thirty floors or more, but which apartment is better to choose – lower, higher, or somewhere in the middle? If you think the difference is insignificant, we will debunk those beliefs: in fact, the choice of floor should be taken seriously. The noise level in the apartment, its illumination, and even the cost depends on it.

Features of choosing an apartment depending on the floor:

Lower floors (up to the 4th)

Apartments on them are the noisiest and most viewed, so they cost an average of 5% cheaper. Among the clear advantages of the lower floors is the almost complete independence from the elevators.

Middle floors (4th to 10th)

They are in the greatest demand due to the fact that at such a height you can hardly hear the noise from the street. Apartments on these floors are lighter in color than those on the lower ones and offer a wider view from the windows.

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