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Look for Your mont kiara property: You Can Have It

Here are our tips for buying a home without surprises: how to move from the choice of the property to the deed of sale.

Verification of the property

Generally, buying a house means not only investing a significant part of the savings accumulated over time, but also committing a significant portion of future earnings to pay the mortgage installments, which can last up to 30 years. It is therefore essential to avoid trivial errors in choosing the property, because we could pay the consequences for a very long time. Go for the mont kiara property in this case.

Before making any purchase proposal, it is important to check some technical-legal aspects concerning the mont kiara new condo, in particular:

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  • With data from the Revenue Agency

The house must have been built with a regular building permit and must have obtained the habitability certificate. In the presence of abuses, the owner must show the amnesty concession issued by the Municipality following the application for building amnesty.

  • The property must be registered as a residential building. Pay attention to the rooms on the ground floor or top floor, sometimes they can be used for other uses such as warehouse or attic.
  • The house must not be burdened by any mortgage, except that of the possible mortgage that will be extinguished at the time of the deed.
  • It is necessary to ascertain any debts of the owner towards the condominium, because the latter can claim against us as new owners.
  • The seller must have full ownership of the property, which must not be subject to the rights of others (home, usufruct, etc.).
  • The property must not come from an inheritance or donation, because other subjects could claim rights on the property and take legal action, involving us directly in the dispute.

The right value

The value of the mont kiara apartment must be in line with the average values โ€‹โ€‹of the area, verifiable with our real estate evaluation tool.

Last Words

if the seller is a company (builder, cooperative, real estate company or in any case a private individual who carries out an entrepreneurial activity) it is necessary to ascertain his financial health , because any creditors could try to prove that the sale took place to their detriment to cancel it and retaliate on the property. This is possible thanks to a specific action provided for by the civil code, the bankruptcy revocation. In this regard, we remind you that in 2005 the so-called “Package of guarantees” came into force to protect buyers, which obliges the manufacturer to issue a free one surety on the advances paid by the purchaser and to sign a ten-year policy to guarantee the serious risks of the property.

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