Same-sex marriage: Is religious liberty a “straw man”?

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This is the third post in a series on same-sex marriage. The first two are here and here

I keep reading that same-sex marriage presents absolutely no threat to freedom of religion. Here, for example, is an article from The Bilerico Project entitled “The ‘Religious Liberty’ Straw Man.” Rev. Emily C. Heath, arguing in defense of same-sex marriage, claims that:

. . . this whole religious liberty argument has been a straw man from the very start. A way to stir up public anger about a non-issue in order to thwart civil equality.

You can say anything you want, of course–the sky is polka-dotted, water is dry, the Cubs are gonna win the pennant–but that doesn’t make it true. And in this case, the facts paint a very different picture.

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