“Where are you taking us?”

Wohin bringt ihr uns? In English, "Where are you taking us?"

The Aktion T4 Monument, Berlin: "Wohin bringt ihr uns?" ("Where are you taking us?") Words of a disabled person on the way to a Nazi extermination camp (CCL Matt Wetzler)

Remember when President Obama first began touting his health-care program?

Remember how The Washington Times editorialized hysterically about how we were headed down the same path as Nazi Germany? (Germany, you’ll recall, began killing disabled newborns in October, 1939. Their Aktion T4–”T4 Program”–went on to legally murder a quarter million men, women and children because they were blind, deaf, senile, retarded, epileptic, paralyzed and so on.)

Remember how The New York Times graciously reassured our quivering hearts that it was all lies and silly rumors?

Well, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The death panels are here.

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