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Top 3 Fastest Internet Plans in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are several internet service providers out there you can choose to pay monthly for access to the internet. The most popular internet service providers you have probably heard of are TM Unifi, Maxis, and Time. These three companies offer some of the fastest internet plans in Malaysia. Most of which is pretty pricey, so you better be sure you can afford the monthly charges by going for these plans. Time internet offers the fastest internet speed plan in Malaysia at this time. With their 1 Gigabit per second internet plan, you can expect to download massive files from seconds, to mere minutes at 125 megabytes per second.

In this article we will be listing the three fastest internet plans in Malaysia in this current time. We will first give an introduction of the company, and then proceed to state their fastest internet package and its price. With the advent of faster internet speeds being developed, it’s only a matter of time before Malaysia gets blazing fast internet speeds. We will list the three fastest internet plans in Malaysia below.

  1. TM Unifi at 800mbps

TM Unifi is a broadband company that has existed since Malaysia first received the internet. It was known as Telekom Malaysia and they first started offering their internet package under the name Streamyx. From the early 90s to the late 2000s, Streamyx has been the most popular internet package. Starting in early 2010, TM developed a new branch of internet packages. This time, under the name Unifi. Unifi is the first home broadband internet to use fiber-based internet cables. This allows users to enjoy fast internet speeds from 30mbps to 500mbps. As people switch from Streamyx to Unifi, TM becomes the most subscribing internet service provider in Malaysia. Providing reliable internet service to almost everyone in Malaysia. TM unifi 800mbps offers 800 megabits per second internet speeds for RM349 per month. The most expensive plan in this list. Make sure you can afford it before confirming to subscribe to it.

  1. Maxis fibre broadband at 800mbps

Maxis started as a telecommunications company founded in 1993. Their main specialty is providing telco plan customers for those who have mobile phones by providing sim cards for people to make calls and text messages using SMS. Maxis has become one of the leading telecommunications companies with millions of people subscribing and providing reliable internet coverage and speed. Maxis recently strived to provide home broadband internet services by launching Maxis fiber broadband in 2011. By offering high-speed internet to their users, they have become a successful competitor to TM Unifi. While Maxis does not generate their main income from providing fiber internet, they mostly make money from providing millions of telecommunication service users. Maxis fibre broadband provides 800 megabits per second of internet speed for RM299 per month. A bit more affordable than TM Unifi’s internet plan, but still quite expensive. Still, make sure you can afford this plan before subscribing to it.

  1. Time internet at 1Gbps

Time internet has become one of the leading internet service providers in providing the fastest internet services for its customers. Time achieves this by simply providing internet service to those living in multi-story condominiums. Since they cannot use the lines that have been completed by TM, they should use only to provide internet to the residents of the condominium. Time has been known to provide the fastest internet speed by becoming the first home broadband internet company in Malaysia with Gigabit internet speed. Time internet offers a blazing fast 1 Gigabit per second internet plan for only RM199 per month. This makes it the most affordable internet plan for the fastest speed in Malaysia. The only catch to actually subscribing to this internet plan though, is that you have to be living in a condominium that is available to Time internet’s services. For more related articles, click here.