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What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is the severest form of substance use disorder as educated by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Drug addiction is a combination of drug dependence and drug abuse. Drug dependence is when an individual experiences withdrawal syndromes from not continue using it. The dependence is inferred to how people are physically dependent on the drug and while experiencing mental dependence through triggers for drug abuse. People can be easily dependent on the drug without being addicted to it completely. But drug addiction can take over the body when the individual goes through the stages of biochemical and neurological changes in our body that also presents changes in the normative behavior.

In simpler words, drug addiction is diagnosed when your mental and physical being prioritizes the drug over your own life. This causes some irrational changes in our behavior that deteriorate our life. 

When we are addicted to drugs, it becomes impossible to stop drug use. Despite knowing the harmful consequences of the use. Having an understanding of the consequences does not stop the person. The high people‚Äôs need for drugs only increases as they being to tolerate the doses they normally use. Your body can only handle so much, especially your liver that is responsible for detoxifying the drugs we consume. We are sure that if a drug addict chooses to recover, the  Best liver specialist in Malaysia Proganic can help restore it back to its healthy state. But it will not happen for the addicted individual any time soon.

There are also many causes of drug addiction. There is peer pressure, previous use of drugs in the family, have a drug-addicted parent, mental disorders, and troubling relationships. These people are all subjective and vulnerable to addiction if they are using drugs even in small amounts for fun. We are also most likely to be addicted to drugs depending on our personality. Are we easily influenced, with little self-control? Count yourself vulnerable if you are having fun even with little party drugs. 

Drug addiction has many different effects on our bodies. It simply does not affect one part of our body. Drug-induced damage can be done to our brain, liver, kidney, and even our heart health. The most visible, yet the most invisible changes begin in our brain as biochemical changes take place in our body. Drug addiction heavily impacts how we process our thoughts. It completely changes our cognitive functions including how we make decisions, think, speak, learn, jog the memory and judge our environment. 

The changes in our cognitive function sometimes can be hard to discern especially if you have a moody teenager in your home. IF you see them having trouble at school it can indicate a chance of drug addiction or even not. Having a hard time socializing, blending in, saving money, doing quality productive work, and more is limited as a result of your drug addiction. It has dire consequences including losing your role as a functioning member of society.

Drug addiction is preventable and curable with a long-term plan. But to bring a person back to the community requires an incredible amount of support and understanding from society.

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