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Why You Should Scuba Dive in Tenggol

Tenggol Island is situated off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia. While this island is small, measuring just three by two kilometres (1.8 by 1.24 miles), it has a strong underwater personality. This island in the South China Sea has over twenty dive sites and is well worth a visit. If you want to go dive tenggol, this is the way to go. Tenggol Island’s dive sites have it all, from sloping fringing reefs to drop-offs, cliffs, and huge boulder formations. There are sheltered areas that resemble a swimming pool, as well as rugged rocky places where currents flow in and the shallows are shook by a heavy wave.

There are all sorts of reasons why you should scuba dive in Tenggol. Aside from the whole island just being absolutely beautiful with the amazing and wonderful nature to look at and admire, there are tons of other things to do besides scuba diving as well. Activities such as exploring the island, sightseeing and looking at the lush and pretty wildlife and nature that Tenggol island has to offer, as well as the food that you can try and eat over there. Since it’s an island most of the food that they offer are mostly seafood, but this is no ordinary seafood.

Tenggol island is home to many different species that you normally wouldn’t see at the beach when snorkeling, or even try to eat at your local seafood restaurant. These different and unique species make for a delectable dish when you try to eat at some of the fantastic eateries at Tenggol island. As well as the food being absolutely delicious, the drinks are also one of the most delicious things you can drink on the island. Most of the drinks are made from the freshest ingredients that are grown and harvested on the island itself. Fruit juices and smoothies such as mango, orange, coconut and guava, are some of the most refreshing and great tasting drinks you can indulge while at Tenggol island.

Aside from the food and drink on Tenggol island, this island has some of the best looking and amazing sites to scuba dive in including Tokong Timur, Tanjung Api and Rajwali Point. These sites are some of the most popular scuba diving sites at the island, so a lot of people will want to try out scuba diving at these places as well, so be sure to dive at these sites early, to avoid waiting for other people to finish diving. These sites offer some of the most beautiful underwater views and the most amazing looking schools of unique fish that you would never be able to see in the seas at the nearest beach closest to your home.

In conclusion, scuba diving at Tenggol island is a great choice to make and you will not regret visiting the beautiful and amazing island of Tenggol. With the prettiest nature locations to sightsee as well as one of the most beautiful underwater scuba diving sites in Malaysia, make sure to add scuba diving at Tenggol island on your bucket list. For more articles like this one, click here.