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Making Your Work Lunch Fun And Exciting

Your bank account looks like it got robbed from all the late lunches and takeaways from your favorite buttermilk chicken shop. Somewhere in the middle of late-night work for your mlm software, unbalanced meals, frequent take-outs, we have forgotten to actually enjoy making lunch. I would tell you to start cooking your meals, just to save money but that really has not stopped us from reaching for our wallet. 

So this time, we are taking a different approach. We are going to talk about how important it is to make your lunch look colorful.

Your lunch should have all the fun and colors. They should have the warmth from the red hot chili, the pop of green from the leafy vegetables, the beige from the carbs, the dark cocoa colors from the nuts and healthy sources of fat, and lastly a side of very bold color.  Your lunch is the meal that will give you the energy for the rest of the day to work. It is your happy experience on your time off. But it should not be such a dull or an expensive experience 

Adding Your Favourite Colours 

We already talked about colors, but let’s come back to that again. There is a reason why we always reach out for deliveries and take away. The food made by chefs has the colors we are too lazy to bring out on our meals. Or the colors we don’t know how to bring. But we promise this is not as difficult as it sounds. You can bring warmth and happiness to your lunch palate by researching a little bit more on your next grocery trip and sticking to your favorite food. Your favorite instant noodles also do not have to be dull. Pack it up with a side of shredded cabbages, sliced carrots, punch of chili flakes, pepper drizzled on top, a fried sausage sizzling on top and maybe even some cheese melted on top. 

Eating With Different Views 

Do you have a habit of working at your desk? The same place where you do your mundane routine work. And the same place you are trying to get away from? Let’s not make your lunch a sad desk experience. Your lunch is a fulfilling time. Even if your desk makes you happy it is important to switch up the scenery every once in a while. You can switch it up with eating with your friends at the desk, or listening to music while eating, or watching a different series on Netflix. You can also opt to have your lunch in a park nearby or in a convenience store. The world is your oyster, go explore your favorite places to enjoy lunch. But make sure to bring variety to your lunchtime. 

Prep Extra food

When you are preparing food, cook a little bit extra. You do not need to cook every night. You can pack four to five different lunches just before the weekdays start or you can prep extra for two days while cooking one night. Cooking is not what we want to do in our very valuable spare time. 

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