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Struggles of A Pregnant Woman

My family is happily surrounded with great news for the past few days, one major news being my sisters’ pregnancy! After two existing children, she is now pregnant with her third and due to its recency, the baby’s gender has yet to be confirmed. Either way, we have come up with a few unisex names as we anticipate his or her arrival. Though we feel delighted to be granted such news, we shall shed some light on fellow pregnant mothers who are obliged to go through tons of struggles in the middle of and post-pregnancy. As intrigued as I always have been, I questioned the pain my sister needed to go through during her previous two pregnancies and labors and they are both just as agonizing, she hence is not hoping for the current one to be any better. I have compiled a few pregnancy struggles from my experience with strong mothers I came into encounters with. 


Though not all pregnant mothers experience nausea, those who do usually face a very difficult time having to consume their meals and throw up again in merely a while. Almost everything they eat will be vomited out thus some do not see purpose in eating full meals just to avoid the inconvenience. Just imagine that you eat three meals a day, and you are to vomit all three out per day. Nausea is not as simple as we think it is, it wears you out and dehydrates your body in case of excessive vomiting. I have witnessed my sister throwing up a few minutes after she took her meals and usually came out of the bathroom exhaust. 

Frequent Medical Checkup

Pregnant mothers are obliged to go for consistent medical checkups to ensure well being of their fetus and most importantly, themselves. Those exceeding the age range of 35 usually are called in for more frequent checkups to make sure their body is still sturdy enough to carry their fetus. One of the tests they need to undergo is the down syndrome test, to detect whether this particular syndrome befalls the fetus; if yes, what do they need to do. This is the reason why checkups are crucial because it helps detect health problems of both the baby and mother together who correspond in this very significant period. 

Hormonal Change

We all apprehend how terrible our hormonal change can be amidst our period, but it is said that pregnant mothers experience worse. You may feel extra irritated and perceive everyone and everything as being in your way though they are not. 

The Need To Carry A Baby

We all know how tiring it is to carry something heavy in our hands but imagine that situation being applied to you for a period of 9 months, and it gets heavier and heavier over time; indeed, that is what pregnant mothers are responsible for. 

Bottom Line

These are merely a few struggles our respected mothers need to go through and overcome when they have us in them. Surprise them with love and stuff because they deserve it, you may consider giving them disposable nursing pads Malaysia as they could be of great help in the near future.

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