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Why study Pharmacy?

The pharmacy course used to be separated from that of medicine officially in 1240, and has since develop a dynamic part of the field of health awareness. The market for professionals in this course is broad, and it only tends to increase with the aging of the population. Read the following text to find out more about the profession and the course to decide if Pharmacy is the career for you.

The pharmacy course

The undergraduate course lasts an average of 5 years and is highly focused on disciplines in the areas of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. In addition to having some more introductory ones, others are very specific to Pharmacy. Throughout the Pharmacy course, the student will get in touch with Toxology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Cosmetics Technology etc. Practice is also very constant, making students use the laboratories of educational institutions a lot.

For the student to reach the job market with a good preparation, the internship in Pharmacy is mandatory to obtain the diploma of completion of the course. The more the student experiences the day-to-day profession, the greater the prominence he / she will achieve during job interviews when he / she is graduating looking for the dream job, for example.

Working in pharmacy

The pharmacist studies both the composition and the production of medicines, cosmetics and food. He is responsible for the preparation of medicines, hygiene and beauty products, clinical analysis, performance in the research area, etc.

There are several places where this professional can get a good job, such as: clinical analysis laboratories, in pharmacies and factories. The increase in population and income in the countries means that the pharmacist finds more space in the market, achieving positions of great importance.

Pharmacists also have a very strong role in the pharmacies themselves, as the name of the profession implies. In these places, they are responsible for distributing the medications and can create formulas for each of the patients. Often a traditional remedy is enough, while other times the doctor prescribes something specific for the patient and, in this case, the pharmacist is responsible for creating it.

Many laboratory disciplines are offered and students are required to participate in various stages, so that they leave ready for the job market.

At the end of the course, the student must present a final work and carry out a supervised internship. If the diploma in information technology student is interested in extending his studies, undertaking a postgraduate course is extremely important. There are several options for those who want to work in a specific area, in research or teaching at a higher education institution.

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